“Our team made an additional $250 at our last home invitational meet by just selling some custom printed event towels with our event logo on them. Next year we will order more towels”


Scottsdale Aquatic Club

“The towels were fantastic for traveling when we went on our last cruise when we were limited on how much luggage we could bring”

Sharon M

Cave Creek, AZ

“These are a perfect way to add more branding to my Triathlon Training business as each new client gets one


Durapulse Performance Co.

“Our national team members looked so good on the pool deck with custom team travel towels”


Fort Collins Area Swim Team

“I get so many fun compliments and laughs from my Dog towel”

Jessica A.

“seeing 5 of our team towels shaking at the end of my lane made me finish strong and win my event”